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About Dragon hills 2 Game

Dragon hills 2 is a game of action which involves aiding a brave girl from all evil characters including space ships, zombies, aliens and cowboys who are bad. The characters are running after the brave girl. This is the main source of the rebel twins. Inthe new game dragon hills 2 after aiding the brave girl in the first level, the players have to face the evil characters in the later part of the gameplay.

The game is available for all iOS and Android devices. The game is very interesting, and the players have to run and escape all the characters who try to catch the players. The characters can be destroyed by power-ups and upgrading weapons. The design of the characters is funny, and at the same time, the main dragon character is designed nicely. The game is designed with characters, buildings, backgrounds, and terrains. The characters can be destroyed so the players can reach the next level easily.

Dragon hills 2 guides and tips: The game is designed in three levels which are termed as three worlds, and the players have to destroy the characters which are 21 zombie towers to defeat and conquer the bosses of these levels. The players will enjoy the gameplay while reaching each level. The players will receive more fun while playing the dragon 2 hills gameplay. The players have to kill as many zombies as possible to advance the next level. Dragon hills 2 cheats can be used to get all the needed coins and points to reach another level. The dragons and extra points will be added advantage for upgrading.


Upgrading the dragon is important. This is possible through the game,and all the weapons and tools of the characters will get power-ups. This will, in turn, unlock through the gameplay power-ups come in the form of dragon and explosives to end the level easily. Upgrading the dragon will be more useful as the dragons will attack the enemies more powerfully. This will help the players to escape the fires of the enemies and withstand the enemies for longer durations. Dragon 2 cheats can be utilized to get all the upgrades. This is actually done in one tap. Achievement system is available in the gameplay allows the players to compete with their friends. The players reaching the achievements sooner will get a high ranking.

About Dragon hills 2 Hack Cheats Tool

Upgrading the dragon will take a lot of time. The upgrading of weapons of characters and equipment can be done easily through the dragon 2 hack tool. By utilizing the dragon 2 hills hack tool, the upgrades can be obtained easily without waste of time. Another advantage of the hack tool is that the players can get the upgrades for free. The players obtain the feasibility to unlock all the power-ups. The power-ups obtained are unlimited and can be utilized freely without any fear as the power-ups are available in abundant. The gameplayallowsus to get all the packages without giving room for external purchases. Dragon 2 hills hack tool comes for free. The devices will never get affected. The hack tool will not hinder the functioning of the devices or create any sort of damage after installation.

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Reasons to use our Dragon Hills two Android and iOS Hack

Before we get to each of the reasons you may enjoy our Dragon Hills two hack let us first discuss a bit about the game itself. In this fun little mobile game the character of yours is able to control a huge ass mecha dragon and she uses it to drill the way of her out of zombie apocalypse. And we at our site loved it.

With its' simplistic controls and hard levels this game had us at the first dive. We found it to be precisely what a mobile game should be. Easy to pick up, hard to let go and addictive. Recipe for a great game, in case we may well add. And addition of zombies did not hurt! But what it was best at, was it felt complex without it being over the top demanding. Casual gamer in us rejoiced!

That's what drew us to this game probably the most. Nevertheless, after some time you do get to realize, in the core of its, it's still a game, and developers are actually a greedy bunch. Thus, they made sure to be able to beat the game and still have your phone intact you will have to spend some real cash. That's why, we at the website of ours, decided to help you out with that and made this Dragon Hills two hack.

Today, you are able to play this game the way in which it is supposed to be played. And all that with no spending any money or even going through painful and long survey. So, let us see everything you are able to do after you hack Dragon Hills two!

What you get after using our Dragon Hills two Hack

Now you've decided to hack Dragon Hills two we are able to talk about every little thing you are able to get after using our Dragon Hills two hack tool. Naturally, everything you are going to get after hacking Dragon Hills two are Coins. But with them your choices are actually open and on table. So, without much further ado, let us get right into all you are able to do with our Dragon Hills two cheat!


For a game this way upgrades are extremely important. And there are 2 primary types in the game. Those that upgrade the dragon of yours and those who help you. And it's essential to spend the coins of yours on both. First, let us discuss dragon upgrades. The dragon of yours is able to drill better only in case you invest in him. There are 3 categories that you need to worry about:

Vitality: controls how long the dragon of yours is able to survive in the zombie infested world

Drilling Skills: with this upgrade you are able to help your dragon dig faster, better and jump even higher!

Speed Boost: helps your dragon move faster. Also helps with jumping.

Other kind of upgrades you are going to be in a position to use after using our cheat are actually weapons and power-ups. You are able to also buy yourself extra lives to continue you drill. But let us focus a bit on weapons. You'll notice seven weapons in total:

Cheap Pop Gun, Spacegun Plus, Bouncing Bullets, Rata Tata, Green Bee, Missile Launcher and Missile Launcher Extreme

Nevertheless, to be able to use them all there are 2 things you must have: Coins and level. And we're here to provide Coins. So all that's left is actually to drill the way of yours to higher levels and collect them all! And with all of the upgrades after using our Dragon Hills two hack tool it will not be difficult at all!


This's probably the best part! Not merely are able to you upgrade the dragon of yours but you are able to get yourself some exciting and new dragons to allow you to survive zombie infested levels! And you are able to purchase these 3 bad boys that will help you with your quest:

Predator of the Skies: has 4 engines and accelerates to super high velocities

Panther Roar: get this cat like dragon and see just how strong and agile a dragon - cat hybrid can be Mechzilla: this one does not need description. It is a Godzilla. But a physical one. Feel its rage.


What's game with no levels? And games this way are actually full of fun and hard levels. So how to change it up? With maps, of course. You will find 3 worlds featured in Dragon Hills:

Zombienatti: default world.

Wild West: after finishing all Zombienatti levels it's time for you to go through Wild West inspired drill and world the way of yours to victory.

Planet Z: and of course, after making sure no zombie survived in Wild West it's time to show them just how much you love drilling. And the easiest way to do it? Drill the home planet of theirs, of course!

Each world is going to cost you additional 5000 Coins so be sure to use our Dragon Hills two - no survey to ensure you've some Coins prepared!

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